Bowtime league shoots - EVERY Monday 18:30 for 19:00.

19 Jan - Hunters 3Di Leg 1

20 Jan - Archery 101 3Di Leg

20 Jan - Disa 1 of 6

26 Jan - WC outdoor Novice and intermediate league

03 Febr - WC outdoor qualifier Leg 1 and 2

10 Febr - WC IFAA indoor summer championships

16 Febr - Hunters 3Di Leg 2

17 Febr - Bowtime 3Di Leg 1

23 Febr - WC outdoor Novice and intermediate league

Bowtime league shoots - EVERY Monday 18:30 for 19:00.



At the club we aim to promote archery of all bow styles and all disciplines.  We have members participating in two main bow styles and three disciplines.    The bow styles are roughly compound bow and recurve bow, each discipline further divides the bows into categories which is dependent on accessories like stabilizers, sights and release mechanisms used.   The disciplines are target archery, field archery and 3Di. 

Target archery is a sport where round targets are placed on butts and then the archers will aim to score the highest possible score on these targets.  A number of tournaments and league shoots exist and every archer is sure to find a tournament or league that will fit his interest and skill level.  These shoots will vary in difficulty and number of ends per round.

Field archery is usually done in more rugged terrain with smaller butts placed at different distances and angles.  Archers will move in groups through the range and shoot at these targets.  These targets can be replaced by 3D targets representing animals to be hunted, for this the archer is usually only allowed one or two arrows per target.  Both target archery and field archery have indoor rounds which are shot at a distance of 18.2m, the difference between these two indoor rounds are mainly based on the targets used.


3Di is shot in a lifelike environment with 3D animals placed strategically in the veld, you would typically find the specific animal target in an environment where they will in fact occur.  Many archers use the 3Di round as training for hunting.  You are allowed one arrow per target.  The round consists of 20 targets.



​Taken from Africa's Bowhunter Issue 18 June 2017 p.24

Any parent who participates in archery has a desire to have their kids join them on the archery range or the hunting field.  This is excellent family time but what is the value to the child?  Hennie Meyer summed it up in this article.

  • It improves eye hand coordination and balance

  • It improves hand and finger mobility

  • Strengthens the muscles of the body

  • Teaches patience

  • Improves focus

  • Improves confidence

  • Develops social skills

  • Excellent exercise

  • Relaxing

  • Open to all

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5 and 6 Jan

The year was off to an excellent start with the Bellville Sunrise shot at Bellville Archery Range.  Registration was at 06:00 and scoring arrows were flying at 07:00 with 30+ arhcers on the line this was a memorable shoot.  Day one saw a 1440 and day two a 720 with round robin.  Three of our archers competed.  Elna competed in the Compound Masters Woman category, shot a personal best on both days and brought home the gold medal.  Jacques competed in a very tight Recurve Master Men category and brought home a silver medal.  Elsje competed in the Compound Women category and shot a personal best on both days, a provincial qualifier on day two and brought home the gold medal.  Congratulations to our archers - you make us proud.